Advanced Clipper Coursecheap barber course

2 Days Advanced Clipper course with advanced clipper work and all round clipper skills and techniques.

Skin Fading | Clipper over comb | 0 Grade work | General Clipper work | Health & Safety


Course Price : £895.00

Days involved: 3

Qulaification: YES - Certificate supplied upon completion of the course.

Included: WHAL GOWN , ANDIS comb & WHAL clipper grades 1-8

  • Health & Safety
  • Classic Cutting Techniques
  • Clipper over comb
  • Blending 1-8 Grades
  • Clipper work 1 - skin fade
  • Learning about foils
  • Styling finish
  • Knowing your client
  • Product knowledge
  • Working on live models


Please give us a call or contact us via the contact page to discuss how to join this course.

Tel: 01234 567 890


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